Where did the light go?


When I sit and write this post, it's raining outside and inside the lamp is on. It's so dark in the sky, it almost feels like dusk. Now autumn has really come.

I and many people with me are affected by the weather and the season but many love it. Sometimes I think it's pretty cozy, I can allow me to just feel good , light candles and just cuddle, but usually I get negatively affected.

I need light. sunlight, heat and mild winds for my well-being.

Now that it's not so easy to just wish for it, I'm luckily in my beloved colors. When I stand in the studio and get me in all the colors and colors that are in there, then something happens in the body. Then the light comes to me, albeit only on the canvas and the spirits of life come back to life.

Imagine what a little color can bring to life

With love,