When life and creation is put on hold


There's so much that's important in life. More important than anything else, and sometimes life stops just when everything goes well.

When everything flows on and feels fun , exciting and inspiring, then it happens as you know can or will come, but it hurts so much to think about so you push it down and pretend it does not exist.

I was told this last week.

Having two old parents who until now have made it, and all of a sudden one of them is completely changed in their mind. I don't want to go into how, but it couldn't be recognized.

That's when you let everything go, just about everything, to help and make things easier as best you can. Everything else is put on hold.

Now a week later, their lives have come back, not quite as before but at least reasonably similar.

The love I feel for my parents cannot be described with words, it feels all the more in my heart! And being there for them, just as they've been to me all my life is much more important than all the painted paintings in the world.

But soon my studio will get a visit from me again.

With love,