There are many art specializations


Because I'm a creative person, my head is constantly spinning over things I want to do and put my teeth into. For a long time I have painted my abstract paintings with a lot of structure and mystery. Sometimes in muted colors, but there have also been colorful paintings. I have enjoyed standing in my creative bubble and painting them, letting the colors and brushstrokes show the direction they should take. Gone on the feeling. But as I said, there are so many art orientations and I am so curious and eager to broaden my artistic ambitions and take it to a new level. I have started to look at this with collage, which gives a completely different impression. 

4 small pictures
4 small pictures

It gives me space to use different images, brands, color shades, colors and can take any expression. I absolutely love all the possibilities that this provides, and I have really got more taste. Being able to switch between different techniques means that the flow never fades. 

With love