Inspiration I draw in everything


When I paint, the inspiration sometimes disappears. No matter how I try to get started, it's not possible. Everything feels motily.

Then it's easy to give up and think thoughts that I'm not good, not good enough.


That's not the case. I quickly push away the little "man" sitting on my shoulder and trying to do everything possible to hold me back. I've begun to learn not to listen to him, because his voice is not mine. My voice is in what I love, what I've always loved... to create.

Once I've silenced him, I think there's so much to draw inspiration from. I just need to look around. There is so much beautiful just around the corner, in nature. Then there are a lot of people I can draw inspiration from, other artists or just people who go their own way in what they love. There's plenty to be inspired by just you're open to seeing.

With love,