Freedom to be yourself


I've always been in a "mental" prison. Thought I have to be and do in a special way to be accepted and fit in. Pressed down and hidden away the unique person I am, pushed down my passion. No one is the same, yet it can be so difficult to shine in our own glory and dare to show our true self.

Getting older may not always be so much fun, but with age, courage will often come and it´s easier to be who you want. You stop caring so much about what others think, you get more free.

Before I got that far, my main goal was to fit into the template. It wasn't exactly what I thought about doing it, but when I look in the rearview mirror, it's clear to me. I was a real "yes-sayer" who often felt bad about not allowing me to just be me.

That's why in every event in my life it is important to surround me with friends and people who give me total freedom to be just who I am. It's about all of us!

With love.