Finding the joy and power of creation


Every now and then , "a voice" jumps up on his shoulder and chatter. Trying to drown out my inner voice that talks about everything I love. It's easy to lose the joy of creation then, easy to start doubting whether I've come down the right path.

One way for me is to go into my somewhat messy "studio" and see all the wonderful things I have in there. All paintings, colors, tablecloths, brushes and various accessories. Immediately the "voice" fades and my inner voice is again heard. I'm back in the creator bubble.

It's a little strange how this "voice" can affect us, just as if we were born with it and how it in every way tries to influence us to stay in the old and don't dare stand out.

But I've given myself the promise to silence it once and for all. To go "all in" for my dream, to work with art. Going outside the comfort zone that previously always kept me. It was kind of safer, albeit more boring inside those frames. It's off those limits that life can expand and show new ways.

So kick the "voice" as far away as you can, and new doors will open for you!

With love,