Find joy in these troubled times


Right now around the world there is almost only one topic of conversation, you know which I mean.

We are all in a very critical situation whether you are rich or poor, nothing escapes any of us, we just have to take our own responsibility for everything to be as good as possible. Right what it is, we have with common forces ridden out the storm.

Keeping us updated on the situation is important, but doing it 24/7 is not recommended. As always... just right is best. All the anxiety and hysteria that this creates hurts us deep inside in the long run.

Personally, I believe that the concern and love for each other will grow as life is rushed and nothing is the same.

Alone is not strong!

So stay up to date in just the right amount, avoid to see/listen to news all the time, don't fill all your daily conversations about this infection I'm talking about, then you run the risk of going under just by the worry.

And even if there are troubled times, it is important that in the midst of the difficult not to forget to find the joy of everyday life. The joy means that for a while we are in a different state than in the turmoil. There is so much that we can feel joy in if we just let go of the turmoil.

So be careful, take your own responsibility, look after your loved ones, laugh often and hang on.

With love,