Disappear into the art


What a time we live in now. It's not something that we are used to.

Everywhere and all the time there are reports of this virus that pulls all over the world, puts people in quarantine, forced or self-selected, creates great concern for most people but is ignored by some, companies get shut down and many lose their jobs.

I am aware of everything and keep myself pretty up to date and protect me and others as best I can.

I don't listen to news or watch tv all the time, all so as not to be totally afraid to live as normal as possible right now.

I love to go into the creative bubble and be in the moment. For a moment just let go of all the chaos and uncertainty about the future.
And now that nature begins to come alive after a long, dark and wet period, there is so much wonderful to discover out there. For so far, we are free to be out there firmly to keep our distance from each other.

So take advantage of everything that is offered and that raises your quality of life, life does not stop completely despite all the worry that exists.
With love,