All shades needed


It can be difficult to find inspiration and motivation when it is gray every day and rains, but sometimes the sun glimpses behind the clouds and the feeling that spring is in front grows.

For many of us our emotions are a bit weather dependent isn´t it so? Much feels easier when the sun turns out, the spirits of life wake up.

But not everything is black or white, there are many shades in between, shades that help us not get caught up in a gray mourning where nothing happens.

Thanks to my passion in painting, I have the opportunity to always be in the country where it is never rainy and gray. It's when I go into my creator bubble that the rainy curtain disappears and I'm absolutely present in what I do.

I am so grateful that with the help of the colors I can find myself just in the feeling needed not to hang myself up too much on how boring the weather is.

And hello... soon it will be spring! ;)

With love,