It's a strange time we live in, but I hope you're all okay and is taking care of you. Right now it's especially easy to get caught up in worries about how everything will be, but it's important not to get caught up in these thoughts. They tend to drain existence. I try as far as possible to keep these thoughts from me, I'm aware but...

Instead, I focus on what's actually nice. That my loved ones are doing well, that the sun is shining and spring is coming  😎☀️and so much more. 

I have had the goal of having an art exhibition this first six months, but because of the current circumstances until further notice i have those plans put on the shelf, so what do I do then?

Well, I instead give a "sunshine discount" of 20% on all my paintings inside my webshop during the month of April. 🥰

You are very welcome to help share this page on to all your contacts!

Thank you in advance for helping out and do not forget to spread love and consideration on your way. ❤️

With love,