My name is Carina Kindbom Mansson and is a self-taught artist with roots in Halmstad, SWEDEN. Even as a kid, my creative vein called me. I have painted and created in various media most of my life, but on my CV it says nurse and masseur.I am married to my wonderful, supportive husband for almost 25 years and together we have 4 amazing young people, 2 girls and 2 boys between the age of 19 and 26. When we met, I had six more wonderful children who together became a lovely, motley crowd of 2 adults and 10 children. Raising them has been the most challenging but at the same time the most amazing part of my life, and really you can say that this has been my number one job. Now that the children have become young adults, I have once again opened my creative doors on wide open, and they will never be closed again.

I paint with the colors that "speak" to me right where I am in the middle of life and I always strive to create a quiet experience on the canvas, away from all the demands that many people make. It's pure love that I "weave" into the paintings, and I know they're going to find "home" to the people who feel chosen to manage them in the best way. What you see is the final product of a creative dance between me and the colors that I love so much. So I hope I get to invite you up to a joint dance in the wonderful world of colors!




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