Every now and then , "a voice" jumps up on his shoulder and chatter. Trying to drown out my inner voice that talks about everything I love. It's easy to lose the joy of creation then, easy to start doubting whether I've come down the right path.

I've always been in a "mental" prison. Thought I have to be and do in a special way to be accepted and fit in. Pressed down and hidden away the unique person I am, pushed down my passion. No one is the same, yet it can be so difficult to shine in our own glory and dare to show our true self....

It can be difficult to find inspiration and motivation when it is gray every day and rains, but sometimes the sun glimpses behind the clouds and the feeling that spring is in front grows.

When I paint, the inspiration sometimes disappears. No matter how I try to get started, it's not possible. Everything feels motily.

Having been completely inactive with my creation for over a year, I have now started at 100%. If I look back, I just had my first exhibition with very good results and everything felt great. But then what happened that you would rather not think about, two deaths in my vicinity and all the desire for creation disappeared. Life was...


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