Because I'm a creative person, my head is constantly spinning over things I want to do and put my teeth into. For a long time I have painted my abstract paintings with a lot of structure and mystery. Sometimes in muted colors, but there have also been colorful paintings. I have enjoyed standing in my creative bubble and...

When I sit and write this post, it's raining outside and inside the lamp is on. It's so dark in the sky, it almost feels like dusk. Now autumn has really come.

It was another purchase of my customer, so now four of my paintings hang at his house. You can see the picture above.

I'm not very good at remembering to update the blog. But the customer decided on this big painting, and I must say that it suited great at his home. So now three of my paintings hang there, and probably there will be a fourth too because I left a painting for viewing with him.

As I wrote in my last post, I was going to a previous customer with paintings. He wanted to keep two to decide which one he wanted. Today I'm going back to him to find out which he want and also have another painting with me that he wants to look at.

I sit and prepare for a visit to a previous customer. This time I will bring two paintings that he wants to see live before he makes a decision whether they fall to him and fit at his house or not.

It's so easy that we think "I'll do it later", but "later" might never come. Life is right now!

I have for many years lived with self-doubt and still tried to be the "good" all the time. Posed very high, almost inhuman demands on myself both at work and privately, and this has resulted in me repeatedly sniffing at the famous "wall". The road to recovery is long, very long, and I will never be the same again. Something is very fragile....

Easter is at the door and there are many of us who have been looking forward to this weekend with joy. Long time off and spending time with loved ones.


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